Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?

Girls from multi-cultural AustraliaI think being Chinese and living in a predominantly White-Anglo society like Australia has many dilemmas. In the decades that I have lived in Australia, I realise that a number of us Chinese Australians have either retreated to “ghettos” or somehow learn to live with our cross cultural issues; or worst, unconsciously try to pass as “whites”. Continue reading “Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?”

Do Chinese Kiss?

Chinese couple kissingWhen I was a little girl, my mother would take us to the afternoon matinee in cinemas in Malaya (before it became Malaysia) in the early 50’s. In these movies, for the first time I saw people kissing each other…. but I never saw my parents show any physical attention to each other, let alone kiss! As I grew older I often wonder whether or not Chinese kiss each other like the movies stars. Continue reading “Do Chinese Kiss?”