Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?

Girls from multi-cultural AustraliaI think being Chinese and living in a predominantly White-Anglo society like Australia has many dilemmas. In the decades that I have lived in Australia, I realise that a number of us Chinese Australians have either retreated to “ghettos” or somehow learn to live with our cross cultural issues; or worst, unconsciously try to pass as “whites”. Continue reading “Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?”

The I Ching: The Chinese Book Of Change: Teacher For Life

I Ching coins
I Ching coins

Of all the Confucian classics, the most well known in the West is probably the I Ching. It is popularised in the context of divining the future and used as a device to give guidelines to our problems.Problems can be related to such interesting questions such as : Is s/he in love with me?  Will my investment be successful? Will I be cured of cancer? So in a way, the I Ching has been used by ancient Chinese (it is 5000 years old) and modern day people as an oracle, similar to the Delphi oracle consulted by the ancient Greeks. Continue reading “The I Ching: The Chinese Book Of Change: Teacher For Life”

Do Chinese Kiss?

Chinese couple kissingWhen I was a little girl, my mother would take us to the afternoon matinee in cinemas in Malaya (before it became Malaysia) in the early 50’s. In these movies, for the first time I saw people kissing each other…. but I never saw my parents show any physical attention to each other, let alone kiss! As I grew older I often wonder whether or not Chinese kiss each other like the movies stars. Continue reading “Do Chinese Kiss?”