Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?

Girls from multi-cultural AustraliaI think being Chinese and living in a predominantly White-Anglo society like Australia has many dilemmas. In the decades that I have lived in Australia, I realise that a number of us Chinese Australians have either retreated to “ghettos” or somehow learn to live with our cross cultural issues; or worst, unconsciously try to pass as “whites”. Continue reading “Being Chinese in Australia –Why Don’t my Parents Kiss me Goodbye?”

How can Chinese Culture survive in Australia?

Chinese FoodFor centuries Chinese have roamed the face of the earth and wherever they have gone, they have taken their culture with them.  They have kept their culture and tried to transmit it to their children.  In fact, the question uppermost in the minds of every generation of Chinese parents could well be: how can our culture survive in a society which is predominantly Australian? Will our children born in Australia keep their Chinese heritage and at the same time be Australians? Continue reading “How can Chinese Culture survive in Australia?”