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Student Tools

Useful Tools from our Students

This is where tools like our ACCS Quizlet, Writing Sheets, Flashcards, Pleco and Skritter are located.

Useful Tools for Students

Additional Resource Links

For Useful Links in Chinese Studies

You will find some good links for other Chinese language learning websites and various interesting articles on Chinese related information here.

For Useful Links in Chinese Studies

Cross-Cultural Articles

Cross-Cultural articles by Dr Moni Storz from our Newsletters

Apart from the ACCS Blog that Moni contributes regularly, here you will find useful and interesting articles on Chinese culture that were written before the ACCS Blog was created.

For Cross-Cultural articles by Dr Moni Storz from our Newsletters

Messages from our Friends

Friends of ACCS

Links to some of our friends' websites can be found here. Do check them out!

Friends of ACCS

Some Funny Photos

Photo Gallery

Entertaining and funny photos from our ACCS Chinese classes and social events from the past years. For more information on our social events, do join our ACCS Social Club and Facebook.

Photo Gallery

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