Dr Moni Storz

Academic Director

Dr Moni Lai Storz (nee' Lai Suan Tin) is our Academic Director and is responsible for the development and implementation of our Chinese studies curriculum using Accelerated Learning techniques. Dr Storz spent many years researching and experimenting with accelerated learning methods for the teaching and training of a range of subjects - Sociology, Stress Management, Cross-cultural Communication skills, Learning skills, etc. She was the first to apply Accelerated Learning techniques to the teaching of Chinese writing in Australia and this has been documented in her book: MIND BODY POWER:THE SELF HELP BOOK ON ACCELERATED LEARNING (Times Books International, Singapore, 1989, Reprinted 1990, 1993) Dr Storz claims that accelerated learning techniques have increased her creativity and expanded her consciousness. She writes fiction as a hobby. Her published works include, Notes To My Sisters (Times Books), Artworks of The Soul (GBS), Heaven Has Eyes (Monash Int.), Switch on Your Mind (Allen & Unwin). Her books can be obtained from our Shopfront. Moni founded this Chinese Centre 14 years ago and is now currently our Academic Director and Principal.


Jeffrey Lai

Executive Director

Jeffrey Lai is the Executive Director of the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies and is responsible for the Chinese Centre globally from a strategic point of view. He is also the Executive Director of Global Business Strategies, a company specialising in cross-cultural mangement training for businesses around the Asia Pacific rim. He has an Electrical Engineering degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology from Monash University. Jeffrey has over fifteen years of experience in the computer industry working for Japanese, Italian and American computer companies prior to establishing ACCS and GBS. Jeffrey is also an experienced trainer using Accelerated Learning techniques. He was a lecturer at the Hawthorn campus of Melbourne University teaching a variety of subjects in the Information Technology area. He has also jointly given workshops and seminars on Accelerated Learning with Dr Moni Storz. He is a pioneer in the application of Accelerated Learning to the teaching of computer subjects.


Shirley Lo

Operations Manager

Shirley Lo is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the overseeing of all the activities in the organisation which contribute to the smooth and effective operations of ACCS such as supervising staff, project management, working with our clients, students and teachers. She obtained her Bachelor degree at Monash University in Melbourne. She had 30 years of experience in the corporate sector and was an Operations Manager for an international company before joining our organisation.


Robert Wong

Chinese Centre Manager

Robert Wong comes from Malaysia originally and is fluent in both Chinese Mandarin and English. He was our Senior teacher at our Perth branch of the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies (ACCS). He is now our Chinese Centre Manager for the Melbourne, Perth and Sydney Centres and makes sure that all goes well with both our students and teachers. He is also currently undertaking a Mathematics degree at RMIT University.


Shirley Wong

Events Coordinator

Shirley Wong is our Events Coordinator and looks after all the social events for ACCS. Experienced in organising seminars of speakers and social events she is excited to organise opportunities to bring ACCS students together to share good times and develop friendships. Shirley is a qualified ESL teacher and experienced librarian. She is a graduate from the University of Melbourne.

Our Melbourne Chinese Teachers

Alice XueAlice Gaofei Xue is from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. She is a native speaker of Mandarin and fluent in speaking English. She is currently doing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, studying different subjects in Psychology, Law, Sociology and Education. She has been passionate about teaching and had experience tutoring primary school students at Olympic Village Primary School. She aims to make classes enjoyable and to share Chinese language and cultures with students.

Jiani ZhouYi Sun is from Hebei Province, China. He is a native Mandarin speaker. He obtained his Bachelor of English from Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology. Currently he is doing his Masters of Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. Before he came to Australia, Yi Sun had been teaching English and working as a translator back in China. He is passionate about both Chinese and English, as well as sharing his knowledge to others.

Jenny is a great teacher - she is very patient and keen to answer all sort of questions from myself and other classmates. She introduces a lot of new characters, words and information about Chinese life into the class, but it all makes sense and is relevant to what we are learning that day! Consequently, I feel I have learnt a little bit more about the Chinese language and culture than what can be gained from a text book alone. The school has a good approach to learning - I feel it is fun, relaxed and no pressure.
Maree McConnell

Yolanda Zhao, Chinese teacherHao Li comes from Baoding in Hebei Province. She is a native speaker of Mandarin and fluent in English. She has completed her Bachelor degree majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and is currently studying for Mater of Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. She has experiences of teaching both Chinese and English as foreign languages and has taught students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds. Hao is an energetic, patient teacher and always tries her best to make every class enjoyable.

Alice ChenAlice Yijia Chen is from Guangdong Province. She is a native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin. Having been in Melbourne since 2013, she obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree in the University of Melbourne. She is currently undertaking the Professional Year program of Monash Professional Pathways. Enjoying the cultural diversity in Australia, she is excited about interacting with people from various cultures whilst teaching. She hopes that students would have pleasant experiences with her at ACCS.

I also want to let you know how much I am enjoying the lessons. They are really entertaining! I am very happy with my teacher, she has created a great classroom environment. The content is good and I feel like I am improving. I have recommended your company to some of my colleagues, I think one of them has signed up for next Term's Level 1.
Damian Lalor

Jesse ShenJesse Tse comes from Hong Kong. She is a native Cantonese speaker and also fluent in Mandarin and English. Currently, she is studying her Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. She has experience in tutoring both adults and high school students. She is passionate in teaching and determined to provide a relaxing and fun environment in order to maximise learners' enjoyment in learning Chinese languages at ACCS.

Daisy HeDaisy Shuyue He is from Anhui province, China. She is a native speaker in Mandarin and fluent in English. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (Major in Communications) and Secondary Education Double Degree at Monash University. She loves Chinese literature and she also plays the piano and Erhu (Chinese violin). She is passionate in teaching and believes her students will have a joyful journey in learning the Chinese language and culture with her.

I'd just like to let you know how happy I've been with the ACCS course. I've tried a few different self-study approaches to learning Chinese and it just didn't happen. The ACCS course has really helped and I'm enjoying myself as I go. Ling Sea is part of what makes learning so much fun, and I'm very happy to hear that she'll be the teacher for the Monday class.
Geoff Wilson

Tara ZhangTara Yuhan Zhang comes from Changsha, Hunan province. She speaks Mandarin and English fluently, and she can also speak 3 major dialects in China. She is now studying her Master of Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne. Before coming to Melbourne, she studied Television and Broadcasting, and she has had much experience in the Communications industry in China. She is very keen about sharing the Chinese culture and language to others, learning different languages herself, and she hopes to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for students to study in ACCS.

Crystal YuanCrystal Yuan is from Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province. She is a native speaker of Mandarin. She has completed her Bachelor and Masters degree majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in Beijing Foreign Studies University. Currently she is doing her PhD in Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has experience in teaching Chinese to students from different language, culture and social backgrounds. She is enthusiastic in stimulating and sustaining students’ motivation to learn Chinese continually. She hopes to help students be fluent in Chinese without tears.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Class. It was amazing, so interesting, and Amy was fantastic, i.e I thought I would struggle, but the way the course was structured and the way it was presented it was really user friendly, hence I thoroughly enjoyed same.
Anne Marie Kavanagh

Katrine Li Katrine Li comes from Xi'an. She is a native Mandarin speaker and is fluent in both English and Norwegian. Currently she is studying her Masters of Management (Accounting) at the University of Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor degree majoring in Norwegian Language and Literature at the Beijing Foreign Studies University. She is experienced in tutoring foreign languages and was a casual translator in China. Katrine is passionate in teaching and communicating with her students.

Harvey GeHarvey Maiwei Ge comes from Guizhou Province, China. He is a native Mandarin speaker, fluent in English, and familiar with dialects in the Southwestern China. Harvey has completed his Bachelor degree majoring in International Politics, as well as one minoring in English, from Shanghai International Studies University. He is currently doing his Masters of Development Studies at the University of Melbourne. Before teaching Chinese in ACCS, Harvey was a Chinese Drama actor. With this experience on the stage, now he enjoys sharing knowledge of Chinese language and culture with students through entertaining classes.

Krystal has honestly been a tremendous help in making the learning of Chinese fun again. I remember dreading Chinese classes when I was a child, but my fears were immediately eradicated because of Krystal. She is always punctual, smiling, patient and dedicated to her students. She is very encouraging when she reviews our work or hears that we are trying to pronounce words or construct sentences. I'm sure all her students would agree that we are very lucky to have her!
Florence Yuan

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Our Sydney Chinese Teachers

Mary XuMary Xu graduated from University of Technology in Sydney with a Masters in International Marketing. She was born in Shanghai and grew up in the south-west of China. Through living in different cities, she had experienced different sub-cultures and life patterns within China. She speaks four major Chinese dialects. She is the fifth generation as a teacher in her family and she has had many varied experiences in teaching both adults and children. She has also published many articles and poems in various newspapers and magazines since she was thirteen.

Amy LiangAmy Liang comes from Guilin, China. She speaks Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. Now, she is pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Japanese Studies) at the University of Sydney. She likes classical music and started playing the violin since she was 6. She loves learning new languages and hopes she could teach Chinese culture by teaching Chinese to people who are interested in it. She hopes her students will enjoy learning Chinese language and Culture with her.

I really like Carol's approach. Carol possesses a nuturing, positive and encouraging teaching style, clearly founded on her obvious professionalism and competence, coupled with her clear capacity to distil the language to her students in a relaxed, but clear, supportive and coherent manner. Carol is a credit to the ACCS tutoring team. Chris Quan too in Beginners 1 is clearly a dedicated and professional tutor. If both Carol and Chris are a reflection on the overall quality of ACCS's tutors generally, then that is ample motivation to remain with ACCS over the course of my Mandarin language study. I am very heartened that I chose ACCS.
Peter Crisp

Yumeng ZhangYumeng Zhang is originally from Shandong, China. She moved to Singapore at the age of 14 and she speaks fluent Mandarin and English. Currently, she is studying her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Business Law and International Business. She has tutored Primary and Secondary levels of English in Singapore. With a strong passion in meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds, she hopes to gain valuable experience as a teacher at ACCS.

Cathy XuCathy Xu comes from Foshan, Guangdong. She speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently. She is now studying her Bachelor of Arts/Education degrees at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Chinese studies with a minor in Linguistics. She has taught children Mandarin in Sydney for about a year and a half. She loves dancing and playing the piano. She also has a very strong passion for languages and is self-studying Japanese. With her language background and teaching experience, she aims to become an excellent and fun teacher with ACCS.

Viola YinViola Yin is originally from Xinjiang, China. She came to Sydney at the age of 17 and she speaks fluent Mandarin and English. Currently, she is studying a dual degree of Education and Design at the University of New South Wales, majoring in textiles and graphics. She has taught visual art at several High schools in Sydney. With a strong passion in education she hopes to share her knowledge as a Chinese person with her students.

Our Perth Chinese Teachers

Monica ZhouMonica Zhou is from Jining, Shandong. She is a native speaker of Chinese Mandarin, speaks English fluently, and has had experience speaking Japanese. Currently she is studying Literary and Cultural Studies as her Bachelor's degree at Curtin University. She has taught English to kindergarten and primary school students, in an English Training School in China. She loves teaching and hopes to use Accelerated Learning Techniques when teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Anthea LiuAnthea Liu is from the Yunnan province in China. She is fluent in Mandarin and English. She currently studies at the University of Western Australia. She learned traditional Chinese Calligraphy since she was a child so she is good at Chinese Calligraphy as well. She has a passion for Chinese culture and Australian culture and she would love to share her knowledge of Chinese culture and language to others.

As you know the Mandarin Intensive course held in Sydney is now over and I just wanted to say that, together with my other classmates, we really enjoyed it very much. One of the main reasons we have enjoyed the course so much is certainly due to Ji Chao's extraordinary professionalism and teaching skills. For example, Ji Chao was more than happy to be stopped at any time if we did not understand something to clarify and answer our questions. She was so enthusiastic and yet non-judgmental and this made us feel so comfortable and minimised any frustrations associated with learning a new language. And yes she always had a smile and yet so skilfully managed to present all the material within the allocated time so we felt no pressure, no frustration. Beautiful experience. Thank you very much.
Sreten Novic

Elaine LiElaine Li comes from Nanjing , and is a native speaker of Chinese Mandarin. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science at University of Western Australia, majoring in Pharmacology and Economics. She is very outgoing and loves making friends with people. She has a passion for teaching and hopes to help students of ACCS get a better knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture.

Hermes LeungHermes Leung comes from Hong Kong, who is a native Cantonese speaker and also fluent in Mandarin and English. She is an easy going person with a positive attitude in teaching. She believes, with her passion in sharing Chinese culture at ACCS, students would enjoy their Chinese studies journey with her.