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Timetable of Chinese Mandarin Classes for Adults Term 1 2021

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Timetable of Cantonese Classes for Adults Term 1 2021

Currently, due to the COVID pandemic, we are only conducting all our courses using Zoom. The feedback from our students on using this online method of weekly group classes has been great. Here are some snippets of the feedback we have received just recently:

"I have been in the ACCS classroom before and found that I was more interactive with my classmates on zoom than the classroom. Everyone seemed more fresh and not exhausted from the days commute so when we were in the classroom people were more engaging."

"This is my second time taking the level 1 and I found I learnt faster, retained more information and was able to take my notes easier through zoom vs the classroom. I will only take lessons like this via zoom going forward as a result. I hope ACCS considers retaining such zoom classes going forward."

"Because classes were being taught on zoom I took the opportunity to go back and learn. I would not have done that in person again as the travel time/ commute just is a waste of my precious time as a fulltime parent and worker."

"Our teacher, Crystal, was very supportive with getting the class to repeat and great encouragement as we learnt the new words. The whole class had some basics so it allowed us to explore the meanings and try new sentences with the basic words we were learning. Crystal was a good sport when we tried to share the similar meaning back in English for slang words."

Usually, you can learn Chinese Mandarin with us at several places in Sydney. We are in Sydney 's CBD (right in the middle of Pitt Street), Ultimo (at the Ultimo Community Centre) and Kirriblli (walking distance to the Milsons Point railway station).
Our Pitt Street lessons are held during weeknights and weekends.

Once enrolled, our students are welcome to attend any other class if they need to miss their regular class, if such an alternate class is available at a different time of the week or at another location. In addition, some classes have been videotaped so that students may watch a lesson they have missed on YouTube. This gives our students many alternatives to not miss their Chinese lesson for that week. Better yet, students are also welome to repeat their Chinese lesson for that week, if they wish, at a different time or location.

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2021

Term 1: 25 Jan - 4 Apr 
Term 2: 19 April - 27 June 
Term 3: 12 July - 19 Sept 
Term 4: 4 Oct - 12 Dec 

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ACCS Course Roadmap for Adult Mandarin Classes

For a brief summary of what you will learn with us and an explanation of the different Levels of our Chinese course, click on the compass below:

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This is the first time I have found a system of learning behind the seemingly incomprehensible, non-alphabetical language.
Dr. David Chong