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Timetable of Chinese Mandarin Classes for Adults Term 1 2021

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Timetable of Cantonese Classes for Adults Term 1 2021

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2021

Term 1: 25 Jan - 4 Apr 
Term 2: 19 April - 27 June 
Term 3: 12 July - 19 Sept 
Term 4: 4 Oct - 12 Dec 

We conduct our Chinese Mandarin classes in several locations in Perth. You can learn with us in Perth 's CBD (at Citiplace within the Perth Underground Train Station)  and Karawara (near Curtin University). Our Citiplace classes are conducted only during weeknights. Our Karawara classes are conducted mainly during the weekends.

Once enrolled, our students are welcome to attend any other class if they need to miss their regular class, if such an alternate class is available at a different time of the week or at another location. In addition, some classes have been videotaped so that students may watch a lesson they have missed on YouTube. This gives our students many alternatives to not miss their Chinese lesson for that week. Better yet, students are also welome to repeat their Chinese lesson for that week, if they wish, at a different time or location.

Perth Chinese Class

The ACCS classes are FABULOUS!! David was so glad that he joined up. He has learnt a lot before at university but he finds the teaching techniques used and the interesting 'stories' at ACCS very effective at assisting us to learn and remember Mandarin. I am already having fun revising the course which is presented in a creative, interesting manner and am so pleased to be able to utilise the highly effective aid of visual stories in terms of writing Chinese. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn with ACCS.
Wendy & David Cheng

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ACCS Course Roadmap for Adult Mandarin Classes

For a brief summary of what you will learn with us and an explanation of the different Levels of our Chinese course, click on the compass below:

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