Timetable of Chinese Classes in Melbourne

Timetable of Children Chinese Classes in Melbourne

Timetable of Chinese Classes in Sydney

Timetable of Chinese Classes in Perth

All of our Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) classes are held once per week for 10 weeks.
Each class is 2-hours - giving a total of 20 hours per Term (except for Perth's Beginners classes).
Our students will complete one Level of classes per Term.
We have a total of 4 Terms per year which means you can study up to 4 Levels in one year!
At ACCS, we have a complete curriculum in Mandarin and Cantonese ranging from Absolute Beginners to Advance Levels. A total of 20 Levels in Mandarin and 10 Levels in Cantonese!
(Click here to see our course structure for these classes)
We conduct Beginner classes in both Mandarin and Cantonese at the start of every Term, so you do not have to wait until the start of each calendar year to commence classes with us. 

Alternatively, we can conduct private tuition or in-house company classes to meet your specific needs. Contact us so that we can create an individualised course for you and your colleagues!

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2019

Term 1: 28 Jan - 7 Apr
Term 2: 22 Apr - 30 Jun
Term 3: 15 July - 22 Sept
Term 4: 7 Oct - 15 Dec

Sydney & Perth
Term 1: 4 Feb - 14 April
Term 2: 29 April - 7 July
Term 3: 22 July - 29 Sept
Term 4: 14 Oct - 22 Dec

Just wanted to update you with how we are going with our courses, we're loving it and learning so much!!
We love the way that the characters tell a story! It really sticks in our head!!!

ACCS Course Roadmap for Adult Mandarin Classes

For a brief summary of what you will learn with us and an explanation of the different Levels of our Chinese course, click on the compass below:

Chinese compass

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Chinese course. I have always wanted to learn Mandarin, but it was always 'too hard'. Your course is just the right mixture of tradition, didactic, practice, and fun. Importantly, the mood in the classes is that 'this is easy', which really helps.Regarding Ling Sea specifically, I am continually amazed at how much she knows about learning Chinese. I am sure that in a single class, Ling Sea would tell us at least 10 ways how to get more out of the class; "write this list, practice in this way, listen in this manner". It is obvious that she has been teaching for a long time, and is a font of wisdom. She really wants us to maximise class value; she takes our learning seriously. Finally, I appreciate how closely she follows to the traditions of ACCS (eg meditation, review).
Dr Dennis Wollersheim

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